Trident Group, located in Huntsville Alabama since 1999, joined Applied Research Associates Inc. in 2006, and provides weapons sales for government & law enforcment, and engineering and scientific analytical services to government and commercial customers.

Our Primary Business Focus includes:

  • Research, Analysis and Testing
    • Military and Improvised Weapons
      • Warheads, Mines, Grenades, Mortars, Chemical, Biological
    • Blast and Fire Mitigation
    • Impact Analysis, Armor Response
    • Ballistics
    • ATF-recognized Testing Lab

  • Computational Physics including
    • Armor/Anti-Armor
    • Naval Fleet Vulnerability
    • Counter-terrorism
    • Biological and Chemical Weapons
    • Material Exploitation

  • Weapons for Government, Law Enforcement & Qualified Civilians
    • Importation, Sales, and Evaluation
    • NFA, Class III, Suppressors, Destructive Devices, etc.

  • CTH Training
    • Hydrocode Application and Results Interpretation

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