Gas Dynamics Tool

Trident Consulting Group is the first company in the United States to acquire the GasDynamicsTool® (GDT) from GDT Software Group, developed by Dr. Alexey Zibarov in Russia. Trident is the exclusive distributor for the software, its companion program ScientificVR® and associated utilities/plug-ins to North American clients.

The GDT computational package is intended for numerical simulation of gas-dynamical processes within a broad range of initial and boundary conditions. Jet flows, internal/external aerodynamics problems, ballistics, combustion and detonation are only but a few of the phenomena to be modeled with the help of this package.

Of considerable significance is the fact that the package offered has been elaborated on relatively cheap and commonly used PC's. It can be used for an efficient design and has high compatibility with CAD/CAE systems, hence its high cost effectiveness as an alternative means of simulating real blows at concept definition and experimental testing stages of R&D.

The multifunctional visualization system ScientificVR® is based on modular architecture, which makes it possible to endow the already installed package with new capabilities by way of hooking up required external modules (plug-ins).

ScientificVR® visualization system is very flexible and easy in use. It has a number of unique features that makes it outstanding tool for PC platform. These capabilities may be easily extended using plugins. ScientificVR® is the attractable tool for fast and high-quality visualization of numerical, analytical, experimental data and or data from other origin.

Contact us for software licensing information. We can also provide GDT as a turn-key system on a custom-made supermicro 64-bit multi-processor systems designed for optimized complex analyses.

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