Ballistics Testing and Analysis

  • Small Arms up to and including 50 cal BMG
  • 20mm capability
  • Sound Suppression
  • Soft Tissue, Armor & Structural Response
  • Ballistics Modeling and Prediction
  • Field Testing & Lab-based Testing
  • ATF-recognized Testing Lab

Weapons Sales for Government,
Law Enforcement, & Qualified Civilians

  • Special Weapons/Destructive Devices/SOT-3
  • Small Arms, Supressors, LEO Demos
  • Custom Builds, Gunsmithing, Repairs (FFL 07)
  • Foreign Arms Importation (FFL Type 11)
  • Insurgency/Counterinsurgency Type Weapons
  • Armor Piercing, Frangible, and other Specialty Ammunition

Mechanical Stress Analysis

Vibration and Dynamic Impact Analysis

Blast Effect Analysis and Mitigation

Ballistics and Terminal Effects

Thermal and Heat Transfer Analysis

Fluid & Gas Dynamics Analysis

Physical Testing



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